OK America, Show Us YOUR Underalls!

By Mona McGraw | January 22, 2020 | Tips and Tricks

Anyone reading this that recognized that slogan has just dated themselves – or have they?

Underalls was born back in 1976, offering ambitious, stylish women everywhere an innovative pair of pantyhose with built-in undies. The brand stood for freedom, confidence, and empowerment of women.  It also pushed the boundaries of what was considered risqué for prime time television commercials at the time.

Since relaunching in 2018, the issues facing women have changed dramatically and so has the world of retail, but we still need underwear and we all know that technology has changed the way we buy and sell products online.  Heck, they even have one of those fancy high-tech websites now!

When Underalls approached FlowLink about integrating their back office platforms, we helped them connect Quiet Logistics fulfillment services and Shopify in order to better facilitate online sales orders and fulfillments.  These are also things none of us could have imagined back in 1976!  Taking advantage of such technologies enables everyone to benefit by saving time, reducing order errors, syncing systems, and automating redundant tasks – all designed to save you time and headaches.

Something else that wasn’t on anyone’s radar in 1976 – sustainability.  Underalls apparel is made from recycled plastic (water bottles) in a facility that consumes half of the energy and releases three times less carbon dioxide emissions, compared to traditional manufacturers. Underalls also ships their products to consumers in biodegradable packaging.  These are all practices that the FlowLink team LOVES to support.  

Welcome back, Underalls!


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OK America, Show Us YOUR Underalls!

January 22, 2020   |  Tips and Tricks

Anyone reading this that recognized that slogan has just dated themselves – or have they?… Read More