Superb support. Simple pricing. No annual fees.


Monthly Transfers* Up to 5,000
Monthly Support* 2 Hours Free
Onboarding* One time $2,850 fee


Monthly Transfers* Up to 25,000
Monthly Support* 2 Hours Free
Onboarding* One time $2,850 fee


Monthly Transfers* Up to 50,000
Monthly Support* 2 Hours Free
Onboarding* One time $2,850 fee


Over 50,000 is only 1 cent per Transfer!
Monthly Transfers* as needed
Monthly Support* 2 Hours Free
Onboarding* One time $2,850 fee
Illustration of a purse on an online mobile store to represent an object Flowlink sends to your integrations

“What is a transfer?”

A transfer is any object that FlowLink sends to your integrations. If FlowLink sends an order from your store to your accounting system, that counts as one transfer. A transfer does not charge you for any data that FlowLink retrieves, only the data that is moved on your behalf.

Illustration of two professionals, one is asking questions about FlowLink and the other is providing guidance with a smile

Support breakdown

Our support is never outsourced and FlowLink issues always get fixed free of charge! Your FlowLink subscription includes 2 hours of free customer support via email each month. That support can be used for simple issues like modifying a workflow in the event your company processes have undergone a change. FlowLink should work automatically, without operator intervention. If there are processes that require our intervention and go over those 2 hours of free support, the extra hours will be charged by the hour at our standard rate of $160/hr. Additional larger-scale development projects can be performed at a reduced rate through a retainer. We’ll be happy to help you automate things even further. Additional integrations can be added later at NO additional cost.  Our goal is to help you automate your business and free up more of your time!

Illustration of two people in different rooms sharing information and communicating seamlessly through FlowLink's onboarding process


FlowLink charges a one-time onboarding fee of $2,850 for most integrations. Onboarding payments can be split into two equal payments with a deposit of 50% and the remaining 50% within 30 days. This time is used to set up and automate the workflows customized to your business and test all features before going live.