About Us

FlowLink was created by NuRelm, an end-to-end web solutions for business enterprises, non-profits, and educational organizations.

NuRelm has spent a great deal of time working with e-commerce clients to integrate their online stores with all of the other pieces of their business, including systems for ERP, CRM, marketing, logistics, and a long list of other needs.

Years ago the organization that built Spree Commerce built a tool called Wombat that made integrating these systems much easier. NuRelm worked with Spree, building integrations for Wombat for tools such as Shopify and SugarCRM, and to help our mutual clients. Sadly, the development team behind Wombat moved on, and the Wombat source code was not made open. However, the excellent library of open source integrations, which NuRelm helped to build some of, remains.

FlowLink is a ground-up redevelopment effort, which resulted in a modern tool that is 100% compatible with this impressive library of integrations.  The FlowLink team is dedicated to continuing development of a premier e-commerce integration system, and to maintaining and aggressively expanding the open source integration library at its heart (and KEEPING those integrations open source).