Solve integration nightmares for you and your customers.

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Become a FlowLink Partner

FlowLink is a service that assembles hassle-free, plugin-free integrations between apps for simplified workflows and automation. Our partners get the most out of FlowLink by integrating their own product or services with their customer's products or services to meet business goals.

Why Become a FlowLink Partner?

Win and keep more customers

Neither of us wants to say "no" to a prospect that asks, "Do you integrate with this platform?" FlowLink is most valuable when it is integrated with all the products and services that customers need. You are more successful when your product or service integrates with the other products or services your customers need in a way that meets their business needs. Everybody wins!

Win more business and retain more customers

Stop losing when the “do you integrate with __?” question gets asked. Customers with integrated solutions are less likely to leave.

More capable than most point-to-point solutions

“But can you do it this way?” FlowLink’s answer is usually “yes.” FlowLink transforms, merges and splits data or otherwise adapts it to the customer’s business needs.

Extend your value by integrating with other systems your customers need

Accounting and eCommerce, eCommerce and Shipping, Inventory management and eCommerce, CRM and Accounting...and many more!

Get great support

Our expert team is here to support your integration and your business. We also offer customization services specific to your company and your customers, if needed. When you need help, you talk to a Senior Developer that knows the integration well, not a tech in some call center elsewhere. We are based in Pittsburgh and do not outsource anything.

Numerous integrations to sync between

You can peruse our ever-growing list of integrations.

Less work for you

We’ll build your integration and if needed, customize it to your specific requirements. Once you are integrated with FlowLink, you can sync up with our other integrations without having to build and maintain those yourself.

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We're independent

FlowLink is not owned by a SaaS provider who will prefer their own solution to yours. FlowLink was built and is owned and maintained by our parent company, NuRelm, which has been building web applications since 1999.

Co-marketing opportunities

For partners with active sales teams, FlowLink offers sales enablement and co-marketing programs including lead sharing, case studies, social media, webinars, shared trade show presence, referral programs, and more.

Do You Meet Our Integration Requirements?

Developer Friendly

Existing API (REST preferred)
Exiting Authentication Method (Auth2 preferred)
High quality developer documentation and support
Development and test account available to FlowLink

Business Fit

At least one customer ready to buy, more in pipeline
Large installed base or fast growth rate
Lack of other integration options or compelling need for FlowLink's capabilities for your customers
Open to FlowLink enabling your sales team to position and recommend FlowLink
Prepared to co-market via website, customer emails, social media and other means

What Our Partners Are Saying

I'm both a partner and customer of NuRelm, I'll explain. NuRelm is a partner of Solid Commerce, providing our customers with quality connectivity between our multi-channel ecommerce solution and the QuickBooks accounts of our customers. We've also elected to provide the connectivity as part of our service to a select few of our most important customers. I couldn't be happier with the partnership and service they have delivered.”
FlowLink has been a standout partner for helping integrate Listrak clients. Their collaborative approach with Listrak and our clients ensures they’re including all necessary parties and that projects run smoothly. They have always been quick to respond and more than willing to go above and beyond. FlowLink has proven to be a top partner Listrak can lean on and trust to work with our clients and our internal teams.”

Get Connected With An Expert

FlowLink is built to save you time. The more our Senior Developers know now, the faster we can start working together!

Take our short questionaire and get connected with an expert ready to tackle you and your customer's specific needs. When was the last time you were on a first name basis with customer service?

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