A New Era in Accounting Automation

By Mona McGraw | August 2, 2018 | Tips and Tricks

Mark Blagden came to Accountex last year looking for a tool that would enable him to connect his company’s software to Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online products. As the owner of AccounTECH, a local Boston firm that specializes in back office software and accounting services for the real estate sector, he wanted to lessen his clients’ data entry burden.

Both Mark and his colleagues spent a long time researching how to most efficiently address QuickBooks integration for their clients.  Everyone they interviewed wanted to write custom code, then hand it over to them to manage and update…. meaning they would have to become QuickBooks API experts. “We already have enough work to do as experts in our own field”,  he said.

Then they interviewed a big company from India who offered to write and maintain the code.  Mark said, “In their final pitch to us, they tried to convince us by explaining that they were the programming department for our biggest competitor.  We know from our clients that our competitor’s software is not optimal…. so we decided not to hire them either.  We found FlowLink in an online search, and it was exactly what we had envisioned to quickly and affordably address our clients’ back office accounting integration needs.”

Introducing FlowLink, the back office integration platform that now seamlessly connects the AccountTECH Business Software Suite  (and many other popular back office tools) to both QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise and QuickBooks Online software.

With FlowLink your designated data will only need to be entered once, then it will flow from your QuickBooks system into a wide/ever growing variety of other software products, decreasing your manual data entry tasks so that you and your employees can maximize your productivity and spend more time doing what you love.

Visit the FlowLink booth at Accountex in Boston this month to see if FlowLink can help solve your firm’s accounting integration needs. Those who visit the FlowLink booth and sign up at the conference get the first month free (on-boarding fees apply).


NuRelm is the parent company of FlowLink, and is headquartered in Pittsburgh PA. Our entire business, including our technical support department, is located in Pittsburgh, and all work is performed in Pittsburgh.




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A New Era in Accounting Automation

August 2, 2018   |  Tips and Tricks

Mark Blagden came to Accountex last year looking for a tool that would enable… Read More