Integrate QuickBooks Desktop with ANY Online Store

By Mona McGraw | September 7, 2017 | Integrations

As your eCommerce business grows, are you assessing new ways to automate your back office? Maybe you thought that your online store couldn’t be integrated with your offline accounting system (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise) because well, it’s offline.

How much time (and margin of error) would it save if your orders could automatically flow from your online store to QuickBooks Desktop? What if those updates could then seamlessly flow back to your store?

FlowLink, NuRelm‘s versatile Ecommerce back-office integration platform, has a QuickBooks Desktop integration that makes use of the QuickBooks Web Connector.  The Web Connector provides an API that enables up-to-the-minute communication with Intuit’s offline accounting software.

With the new FlowLink/QuickBooks desktop integration you can:

  • Seamlessly pull sales orders to QuickBooks when a customer places an order.
  • Automate the generation of invoices and payments in QuickBooks.
  • Send Customer and product information to QuickBooks.
  • Send and receive inventory data between QuickBooks and other online applications.

The problem with most software products, whether or not they are Web-based, is that the client is rarely afforded the opportunity to customize the product to fit his or her specific needs.

Since FlowLink was developed and is wholly owned by NuRelm, an 18-year-old custom Web application development firm, we are in the unique position of offering a product that can be used right out of the box with no technical knowledge…with a twist. If you have a specific task that you would like to automate, we are happy to customize FlowLink’s integrations to suit your specific needs.

Do you have a specialized use case that you would like to discuss? For instance, would you like for your online store to be able to work with your QuickBooks application to calculate Cost of Goods Sold? Would you like your order numbers to show up in a specific way when transferred between applications?

Please, ask away in the comments section below. A member of our staff who was on the FlowLink development team will personally respond to your comments.

We are here to solve your eCommerce headaches and to brainstorm on unique ways to utilize our fancy new integration!


Troy Philis says

Would it be possible to sync tiered pricing between Magento 2.2 and Quickbooks Manufacturing and Wholesale?

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Integrate QuickBooks Desktop with ANY Online Store

September 7, 2017   |  Integrations

As your eCommerce business grows, are you assessing new ways to automate your back office?… Read More