What Are Your MailChimp Integration Needs?

By Mona McGraw | August 12, 2019 | Tips and Tricks

MailChimp and Shopify have been in the news a lot lately after they both ceased company-sponsored integrations between their two popular eCommerce products.

What may appear, at first, to be a major inconvenience to loyal users of both tools, is actually an opportunity to further streamline your back office with workflows between these two well known products as well as ANY other back office software that you use.

Are you tired of back office connectors that only allow your data to flow in one direction? What about integrations that have very limited functions, and no ability to bend to your specific needs? Have you tried other integration platforms (like Zapier) and found them too technical/hard to use /limiting because they are not built with the nontechnical store owner in mind?

In addition to various flows between MailChimp and Shopify, would you like to set up a flow that automatically sends your subscribers from MailChimp into your prospects list in SalesForce? Maybe you also want the integration to flow in the opposite direction, by automatically populating MailChimp with a specific data set from SalesForce, such as sending new prospects in SalesForce to a specific subscriber list in MailChimp.

Customization and flexibility are what sets FlowLink apart. With FlowLink, data can be set to flow in BOTH directions, and throughout your entire back office, including most (if not all) of your online tools, as well as one highly popular offline tool – QuickBooks Desktop.

Here’s a new twist on an integration for two well known CRM tools that are actually competitors: There are a number of firms that use BOTH HubSpot and SalesForce. HubSpot has some really great marketing automation tools that SaleForce lacks, but for specific CRM tasks, many prefer SalesForce. For those with a need to connect these two competing products in a specific way, FlowLink can enable either one or two-way flows of data between two similar/yet different back office tools.

We like to think of FlowLink as the “Nine Inch Nails” enabler of the technology world, because we enable you to do more with less. For those of you unfamiliar with Nine Inch Nails, the band consisted originally of one person, who was the singer, producer, and instrumentalist – kind of like you, huh? Doing a lot with as little as possible?

Never fear, FlowLink is THE back office eCommerce integration platform for the nontechnical store owner. We make eCommerce back office automation easy, yet feature-rich and fun, just like Ann.

Would you like to enable some or ALL of your back office tools to share information amongst themselves while you and your team focus on more cerebral pursuits? Contact us and we will tell you how FlowLink can make your dreams come true, quickly and affordably.

Mona McGraw deconstructs the mysterious “backend” of the eCommerce back office so that Store Owners have the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.


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What Are Your MailChimp Integration Needs?

August 12, 2019   |  Tips and Tricks

MailChimp and Shopify have been in the news a lot lately after they both ceased… Read More