FlowLink Brings Systum and QuickBooks Together on the Intuit App Store

By Mona McGraw | September 12, 2019 | Integrations

FlowLink developers have been hard at work with our partners over at Systum for the last few months. Together we have built a Systum integration with QuickBooks Online, which has recently been released on Intuit’s QuickBooks app store:

Systum enables you to run your business from a single application. The Systum website definition sums it up: “Connect your inventory management, order tracking, and customer data all in one simple platform that connects directly with QuickBooks”.

We worked with Systum’s development and professional services teams to go deep on real customer use cases. We worked with real clients to refine every detail of the integration to meet their needs, which are likely similar to YOUR needs.

By taking a deep dive with Systum, their clients, and QuickBooks users, we were able to build an integration that addresses all of the critical steps in a real world deployment:

  • Historical Sync. The first step that most new Systum clients need is to get their old QuickBooks data into Systum. This includes not only moving customer and product data from QuickBooks to Systum, but invoices, orders, and purchase orders.
  • Products & Inventory. Once historical data has been moved into QuickBooks, customers can start using Systum as their business’ source of truth for product and inventory data. At this point, we tell FlowLink to send a customer’s products and inventory from Systum to QuickBooks on an ongoing basis.
  • Customers. The next step is to have FlowLink share customer data between Systum and QuickBooks. New customers created in Systum (and any other online shared channels) are moved to QuickBooks.
  • Ongoing Transactions. Finally, FlowLink begins sending day-to-day transactions from Systum to QuickBooks. This includes invoices (for B2B clients), sales orders (for B2C clients), payments, invoice statues, and more.

The key to success with all of this is that it must be very flexible. Your business is unique, as are all businesses, so a solution that does the work mentioned above in a one-size-fits-all way will never work for more than a handful of users. Luckily, flexibility is FlowLink’s speciality.

Here are a few examples of places where you might want to deviate from the script, and where FlowLink can help:

  • Order Consolidation. If you sell 1,000 B2C orders in a day, maybe you want to see all 1,000 orders in QuickBooks … or, maybe, you would prefer that QuickBooks only store a simplified set of transactions rather than cluttering your accounting system with one sales receipt for each order. For example, you might like to see one big sales receipt in QuickBooks representing every product and quantity sold that day. Or, instead you might like to see a sales receipt with line items representing revenue categories, payments, and expenses for the day? Either way (or most other ways you can imagine): FlowLink can help.
  • Customer Consolidation. FlowLink lets you choose how to represent customers in QuickBooks. If you’d like to see all B2B clients sent to QuickBooks intact, but have your B2B clients go into QuickBooks as a customer called “B2C Customer” (or anything else), FlowLink can do that.
  • Order Adjustments. Sometimes businesses sell items through Systum for prices other than their list price, and wish to see the order get moved to QuickBooks with items at list price along with an adjustment item for the price difference. Most integration tools say “no way” to this sort of request, but FlowLink says “bring it on.”

Would you like to find out more about this sexy new multi-faceted office system designed to streamline your entire back office? Contact Systum for a free demo!

FlowLink’s platform is much more robust than a plugin, which requires updates on your online store. FlowLink manages all your connections, not just the one between your store and QuickBooks, and will never require a manual update from the user. FlowLink is also backed by a software firm with nearly 19 years of experience in the industry and can help you build custom integrations right into FlowLink.

Do you have other integration needs that are causing bottlenecks with your back office software? If so, contact FlowLink and we will solve your integration challenges quickly and cost-effectively. We are the integration customization experts!


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FlowLink Brings Systum and QuickBooks Together on the Intuit App Store

September 12, 2019   |  Integrations

FlowLink developers have been hard at work with our partners over at… Read More