Easily Integrate ANY Store with Amazon Marketplace

By Mona McGraw | January 18, 2018 | Tips and Tricks

Have you been thinking of selling your products on Amazon, but aren’t sure how to get your store connected? Are you concerned about cost, or who you can trust to provide the unique functionality/automation that you need?

Amazon Marketplace,  a wildly popular eCommerce platform that has put many small businesses on the map, lets you sell your products alongside products fulfilled by Amazon.

“What does Amazon get out of this?”, you may be asking yourself. The world’s largest online retailer gets to expand its offerings without incurring the cost of additional inventory. Instead, they charge referral fees and have a fulfillment offering for smaller businesses.

Third party sales account for almost a third of Amazon’s business. According to Fortune, in 2016 third-party sellers collectively generated over one billion dollars in annual revenues. Would you like to vie for a piece of that action? If so, read on.

Whether you’re ready to take the plunge, or are just now crunching the numbers and mulling it over, we can show you how FlowLink can quickly and easily connect your store to the world’s largest online marketplace. FlowLink makes Amazon play nice with your other systems.

In addition, FlowLink can streamline your entire eCommerce back-office setup. Automatically sync orders, products, inventory, customers, and shipment information, all in one seamless and highly affordable platform, so that you can automate your back office and spend your time and money growing your revenues instead of doing grunt work, or paying others to do it.

Contact a FlowLink representative today at (412) 407 – 2722, or email us to discuss your particular back-office automation needs, and remember, if you need an integration that you don’t see on our integrations page, please ask us, as we are adding new integrations all the time. We also have a broad range of experience building custom integrations if you have a unique need.


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Easily Integrate ANY Store with Amazon Marketplace

January 18, 2018   |  Tips and Tricks

Have you been thinking of selling your products on Amazon, but aren’t sure how to… Read More