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Pure Food Fish Market is a staple of Seattle: first established in 1911 by Jack Amon, it has been an institution, a piece of living history of the Pike Place Public Market and the best place to get fresh seafood overnight anywhere in the country!

Everything moves with the times and this was no exception: led into the digital world by Carlee Hollenbeck, Pure Food Fish Market became a digital shop as well, with the help of Shopify.

For the deliveries, Carlee decided to rely on ShipStation: an excellent provider that helps make sense out of the madness that distribution can be. ShipStation helps ensure things get delivered to the right person. However, the setup of Shopify plus ShipStation meant two digital “stops” to get things done: once an order was processed on Shopify, the delivery needed to be created manually on the ShipStation website.

Selling this way was cumbersome and prone to errors, besides time-consuming. Something needed to be done before Pure Food Fish Market was crushed by its own success, by the sheer amount of orders pouring in!

FlowLink, by NuRelm, bridges that gap thanks to its Shopify and ShipStation integrations. FlowLink makes it possible to set things up once and then forget about them.
Now Pure Food Fish Market can handle any amount of orders: once the order is paid, FlowLink will automatically get the order from Shopify and create the shipment in ShipStation – and then, once the product is shipped, FlowLink can get that information from ShipStation and update the order on Shopify: the customer will get an email reassuring them that their product is on its way.

There was an added hurdle: sometimes people will order their seafood in advance and the orders don’t ship immediately. ShipStation allows a “hold” on shipments and FlowLink takes full advantage of it: by combining the shipment type selected (ie: overnight, or 2-day shipping) with the delivery date, the shipment will be automatically released from hold at the exact time it needs to arrive on time.

And recently there was a need to adapt to the times again: Pure Food Fish Market decided to add store pick-up orders, as many stores are doing in this pandemic. It was as simple as adding the delivery option in Shopify and setting a tag on ShipStation: in less than a week, the solution was in place and Pure Food Fish Market was, once again, holding up the tradition established in 1911: getting great seafood to their customers.

Pure Food Fish Market

Pure Food Fish Market uses FlowLink to automate and simplify the ordering and shipping process by bridging the gap between Shopify and Shipstation.

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