The easiest way to integrate ShipStation

ShipStation, the #1 shipping software of online sellers, is software designed to save time and money on eCommerce fulfillment and shipping. FlowLink is designed to make it a snap to integrate with your store!  Give us a call and we can discuss how FlowLink can help YOU! To learn more about ShipStation and how they can assist your company, check out their website:


The ShipStation integration lets your store send new order shipments to ShipStation, update shipments in ShipStation, then pull shipments (including tracking information) once they have been shipped from ShipStation. Import, manage, and ship your orders with ShipStation, the #1 shipping software of online sellers. Import orders from wherever you sell: - Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, your own shopping cart, and over 60 other selling channels - Create shipping labels and ship with 30+ domestic and international carriers - Automate nearly every step of your shipping process with presets and rules - Batch print hundreds of shipping labels with a few clicks - Promote your brand on notification emails, tracking pages, labels, and more.

Sending Orders From NetSuite to ShipStation

This video demonstrates how to move orders from NetSuite to ShipStation. An example of a common scenario where this is used is when a merchant moves orders from one or more marketplaces (for example Amazon and WooCommerce) to their NetSuite account, then sends certain orders to ShipStation for shipping. Usually fulfillment information is sent back to NetSuite once an order is marked as shipped in ShipStation.

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