Strategic Partner

FlowLink & Strategic Partners

Your nationally recognized product will have (or get) a FlowLink integration and will become a part of the FlowLink integration ecosystem. We offer investment opportunities and joint marketing efforts to strategically boost the benefits of both parties.

    Prospective Strategic Partners:

  • Have a nationally recognized product that targets a mutual vertical

  • Have an existing FlowLink integration or have plans to establish one

  • Offer your integration publicly as part of the FlowLink ecosystem

  • If applicable, agree to list FlowLink on your app store

  • Have an existing partner program you wish FlowLink to be a part of and/or will adhere to the terms of the FlowLink partner program

  • Willing to share lead lists for the purpose of specified co-marketing activities

    Strategic partner lead lists are not shared with partner firms (or any outside firm), although you do get the benefit of having your articles in front of all partner subscribers who choose to add their lists to the FlowLink newsletter, which includes all agency, channel, and strategic partner firms who choose to combine their subscriber lists for inclusion in the FlowLink newsletter.

Partner Benefits

  • Discount on initial integration rate (if no existing FlowLink integration).

  • Special beta program pricing for your first FlowLink clients.

  • Bulk rate discount for follow-on clients.

  • The opportunity to publish an ongoing feature series in the FlowLink newsletter.

  • Discount rates on any future integrations that you want built in order to further your own products sales goals to integrate with other tools.

  • Possible investment opportunities.

  • Clickable logo on our integrations page, included in our marketing efforts with cross-linking availability.

  • Joint Marketing Efforts: mutually agreed upon social media interaction, case-by-case joint Adword campaigns, and publicized webinars.

  • Joint case studies published on the FlowLink website that incorporates link building once we’ve obtained mutual clients to promote.

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