The easiest way to integrate Bronto

Bronto's End of Life date is set for May 31st, 2022. See our Listrak integration for a suitable replacement. Bronto Software is a commerce marketing automation provider, enabling retailers to drive revenue through their email, mobile and social campaigns. Find a little more info on how to integrate Bronto with anything, click HERE! FlowLink lets you quickly connect Bronto to your store!  Don't believe us?  Ask Bronto - then give us a call to talk!


The Bronto integration lets you add and update contact info in Bronto based on new customers in your store, persist orders and product info linked to contacts in Bronto, add and remove contacts to predefined lists in Bronto, and send transactional emails based on custom events within your store.

BigCommerce / Bronto

This video shows how to automate syncing Orders and Subscribers from your BigCommerce store to Bronto with FlowLink. It includes the essential but often overlooked step of syncing unsubscribers from Bronto back to BigCommerce, so that users who unsubscribe don't end up right back on your mailings.

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